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Roots herbal extract liquid

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For Postrate Enlargement In Men

Comes with:

A bottle of honey

One Ethanol Bottle for Root content Extraction

One Measuring Cup One bottle of root Extract

INDICATION: The herbal formula is highly effective for the promotion of prostrate health and also useful in the management of high blood sugar

DOSAGE: Take 20mg (cup enclosed) before breakfast for four weeks, and refill with native alcohol immediately after each use. If intoxication? Or weakness of the body is observed, reduce to half a cup. Take four fruits of tomatoes and ¼ of an of an average size onion bulb daily The herbal formulation shouldn’t be taken with diabetic medication because it helps to reduce blood sugar on its own Patients suffering from prostate enlargement and already on catheter after 4-6 weeks of using this herbal product religiously can remove catheter. Shake the bottle before use, keep away from children, and store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

SIDE EFFECT: the product may cause drowsiness and intoxication when taken in too large quantity

PRECAUTION AND WARNING: not suitable for pregnant woman, contains alchohol TESTIMONIES:


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