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Mascum Herbal Pride 650mg

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This unique herbal products help to optimize sexual performance and overall masculine vitality

 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Though you may be healthy generally, imbalances or disruptions of natural male functions can occur that undermine sexual satisfaction and male vitality. For centuries, professional herbalists have discovered that men have unique needs, and that certain herbs work to balance and support normal masculine sexual function and improve reproductive wellness and sexual vitality.

DOSAGE FORM: Tablets (pack size 650mg by 50tablets and 250mg by 20 tablets)

HERBAL FORMULA: Xylopia Aethiopica (African Pepper), Medicago sativa (Alfalfa),Tetrapleura tetrapetra (Aidan fruit),Hippocratas Pallens (wheatgrass)

INDICATION: This unique herbal product helps to optimize the ability for sexual performance and overall masculine vitality. * Enhances sexual urge * Kills weak erection * Corrects quick ejaculation * Improves fertility and sperm count.

DOSAGE: For adults only(250mg): take two tablet twice daily For adults only(650mg): take one tablet twice daily

SIDE EFFECT: 100% natural ingredients with no side effects

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